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Julian Lennon Debuts A New Video On His 50th Birthday [Video]

Considering his bloodline, it's no surprise that Julian Lennon, son of John and the boy who inspired "Hey Jude" amongst other Beatles classics, has grown in to a prolific artist across many mediums. Yesterday, on his 50th birthday, he released his first single in fifteen years -- a collaboration with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler that dropped along with it's stunning video....more
hah, yes he can because I'll be 50 this year, too. ;-) - Denisemore

Here Comes the Sun

...Vivi and I visited the wish tree in the dead of winter, when the pavement around it was slippery with ice and the wind tossed the white wishes until their strings were tangled and knotted.  Tying a paper wish to a tree is a kind of offering, returning the paper to its source.  Despite the darkness of winter, each simple white wish sprouted from the bare limbs like a bloom.Wishes are hope.  Wishes allow us to believe in yes....more

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From time to time, I'm likeThe Beatles - I get by with a little help from my friends. ...more

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All you need is love

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