Finding Views While Waiting For Pizza ~ NaBloPoMo Day 1

NaBloPoMo Day 1 - Finding Views While Waiting For PizzaWell, it's late on a Friday. I am sitting here watching a movie with my family, stressing about what to write about for the first day of National Blog Posting Month. ...more

Self Image and an Ever Expanding Waistline...

Self imagine is a bitch. It's especially a bitch if you are a woman. Now, I can't speak for men in these struggles and I know that they have their own batches of them, but as an American woman we are scrutinized every day for how we look. The idea of what beauty is changes with the decades, the generations, and the fads. We are held to a standard of what is beautiful by the media and our peers. Unfortunately much of that standard is based on our body shape....more

Stop the Negative Self-Talk, Moms

The other day, I read a Facebook post that has resonated with me. It basically stated that we, as mothers, do not often notice we are beautiful. In fact, we do the opposite. Often, we say to ourselves and out loud to those around us, that we are not beautiful. We point out all of our physical deficits, or perceived deficits. How many times has someone complimented you, for you to only refute what they've said? ...more
I myself am practicing this as well.  I find it easiest to do my positive self-talk in the front ...more