The Lift and Gift of Beautiful Moments

BlogHer is doing an editorial series on beautiful moments, and I decided to participate. There are so many deep, meaningful moments in a life that are beautiful. These can include giving birth, which I haven’t done, or sharing a laugh with someone you love, which I have certainly done many times. ...more

A Baby, A Beautiful Perspective

I traveled to an HIV and AIDS camp for girls in South Africa in 2006 as a volunteer Life Skills Specialist. My mission at the 10-day long camp was to empower the girls, aged 5 to 15, with the tools they'd need to make informed decisions about sex, drugs, and alcohol in an effort to help eradicate the HIV and AIDS epidemic plaguing their country....more

Flamenco Dancing Makes Me Feel Beautiful

The guitar begins to play, simply at first, and then with so many notes it seems there must be five instruments on stage instead of one. Then a voice, strained and mournful, fills the space. I enter, head held high, skirt moving in rhythm. A deep breath, a pause before a flurry of footwork, arched arms and swirling skirts, and I feel beautiful. Of course, I also feel nervous, and sometimes even a little unsure of the choreography, but there is something about being on that very humble stage that makes me feel undeniably beautiful....more
@Cindyhuber Thank you so much Cindy!  WIshing you the best of luck on your dance journey!more

Feeling Beautiful in My Own Skin

As a child, I was always told I was beautiful. As the baby girl in the family, my parents and older siblings nurtured me and constantly reaffirmed that I was intelligent, capable, and beautiful both inside and out. Looking back on it, those words of affirmation truly gave me the initial spark of confidence I needed to pursue my dreams, but without my believing it myself those words wouldn’t have been worth anything. Hearing from others that you’re beautiful can provide an amazing boost of confidence, but the only thing that will truly sustain it is if you believe it yourself....more
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Feeling Beautiful in Pregnancy

I think it's only natural for every woman to want to feel like her best self. When you look good, you feel good! True story.Since we learned that we are expecting, my body has gone through lots of changes. My bod is at the stage right now that I lovingly refer to as pregfat (pregnant plus fat). Instead of pregnant, I mostly just look like a plumper version of myself. All of my regular clothes still fit, but I have an obvious stomach pooch that is no longer suck-in-able but doesn't quite look like there's a baby in there....more

Recreating Classic Beauty

Blame it on the day job, but we feel beautiful when are making others feel and look their best. Our latest and greatest projects have included updating old classics into fresh new looks that radiate both glamour and beauty....more

Five Ways to Feel Beautiful Every Day

Beautiful. Or as I prefer to call it: Beauty-full.True beauty isn't about mirrors or makeup. It's about being comfortable in your own skin.True beauty is easier to possess than it is to feel. Just because you are beautiful, doesn't mean you feel that way. Sometimes we need to be reminded. At least I do, anyway. I need daily tips and tricks and encouragement, to remind me that it is okay to feel beautiful. So that's why I've put together this post, focusing on just a few of the tools I use to help feel beautiful every day....more
What  a great read!  Thank you!  Yes, we deserve to feel and enjoy our own beauty, but it is up ...more