Nutrients Your Body Needs for Beautiful Skin

Nutrients Your Body Needs for Beautiful SkinThe skin is considered one of the best indicators of overall well-being. If you have wrinkles, acne, inflammation, or dry skin, then it may be time you started looking after your health.  As many woment know, having beautiful skin is not an easy road for many. Many women turn to over-the-counter medicines, lotions, soaps, toners, creams, and scrubs in order to deal with the situation. Exorbitantly priced chemical products and medicines are not the answer for these skin related problems; healthy nutrition is....more

Beautiful Looking Skin With Dry Brushing

What is the largest organ in the body? What organ eliminates two pounds of waste acids daily? When the blood is full of toxic materials, what organ will reflect this with problems?That’s Right: The Skin! Get beautiful skin (and get rid of the cellulite) with Dry Skin Brushing....more

7 Deadly Skin Sins

OK, so these practices may not be DEADLY, but your skin is your body's largest organ and the first thing people notice when they see you so why not take care of it?  Your skin is with you all your life, constantly regenerating and changing (for better or worse.) While I may not be Ponce De Leon, I can give you some tips to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful....more
And the other thing to avoid wrinkles is learn to carry your face like a "Real Housewife", you ...more