Adult Acne in Women: Spotlight on Treatment

While acne is often thought of as a skin condition that affects teenagers, in many cases it either starts in or persists into adult life.  This is more common in women, in whom it is estimated that 25% of women in their 30s and 12% in their 40s still experience acne.  Adult acne may have different features than acne in teenagers and younger women, and in some cases it requires its own approach to treatment....more


I may be 5’11”, but model material, I am not.So, when a friend asked me to be her makeup model for a day, I was a little hesitant. Like my grandmother, I am not a fan of having my photo taken. It’s something I’m trying to work on, so I said yes, hoping it would not only get me out of my comfort zone for a bit, but also make me a bit more at ease in front of the camera.To Continue Reading this Post, Please Visit:...more

Missy Lynn Baked Palette

Have you heard about the Missy Lynn eyeshadow palette? ...more

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