You're Doing Just Fine

I look for inspiration everywhere, and often I get it from Facebook....more

I've Got The MomBod ,and I'm Making it Okay

The Dad Bod …  I still can’t get over that this is a thing now.  Why is this a thing?  Who came up with it?  I bet it was a dude. Had to be.  I can see it now,  a group of guys sitting in a bar (or maybe a park with the kids) discussing their bodies like a bunch of teen girls over beer and fried food,  smoking cigars....more

Tips for the Fat Rider. (What?!)


Why Women Find it Hard to Take Compliments

Want to know why you can't take a compliment? Better still, want to know why you ought to learn? ...more

Beauty Regimens Before and After Kids

Everyone always warns you when you’re pregnant that once the baby comes, “everything is going to change!” and it’s true. The relationship with our spouses and friends change, our bodies are different, our outlook on life is transformed…One thing that was unexpected, at least for me, was how my beauty routine would change as well. Looking back, my rituals pre-kids seem luxurious and pampering. Now, they’re pretty much nonexistent. Here are five ways my beauty routine has changed since having kids:...more

The age of questions



Reinvention.Pretty powerful word, if you'd ask me any given day at my whopping 48.I've been up and down and all away around in my life. That's why I named my blog,  Believing, the Ups and Downs of Life.All of us strive or want to strive on becoming better people.  More accomplished, successful, some might want to be rich, others may want recognition, or just want to do something different with their lives....more

Setting your beauty free!

Beauty, that elusive goal that woman feel compelled to try to obtain yet most woman can never really meet by today's cultural standards. As young girls we start out wanting and believing that we will grow up to be beautiful only to realize as we reach our teens that the standard is so unrealistic that only a few naturally qualify to be called what is considered beautiful....more

The Acceptance of You - The New Dove

The Acceptance of You – The New Dove...more


YOUR REAL IMAGE……MAKE IT FABULOUS…..I simply feel so many people are caught behind their VIRTUAL IMAGE rather than their real image because they simply feel they look better VIRTUALLY than in “REAL LIFE….” But either way, it is our REAL IMAGE that truly matters…..I like to think that my real image is even better than my virtual image as I work much harder on caring for myself in reality than my virtual image. Yes, I think I have a great virtual image and yet my in person image is much more important to me…..The image I see in the mirror as well as in the faces of those I love…....more