Be Intentional

What are you currently in pursuit of? Are you in the pursuit of a career, a relationship, more money, a vacation, a new home? Whatever it is that you’re pursuing, is it something that is going to benefit your joy, peace, happiness or growth?We can be easily deceived into believing that once we attain that thing that we’re in pursuit of then we can be happy. But that’s a lie because there is always going to be something new that you want to pursue in your life....more

Why You Won't Be Happy When...

If you and I were having a conversation about life and all that comes with it and I asked you, “Are you happy?” What would your response be?Will it be a resounding “Yes”?Or will the answer be “I’ll be happy when…”The infamous lie of “I’ll be happy when…” is a trap that intertwines and deceives us to believe that we will finally obtain that happiness that we’ve been looking for when that something we’ve been desiring finally happens....more

Don't Forget The Happy

It's easy to write a blog post about those things that make me unhappy...and Lord knows I have written a lot of those lately.  But what about those things that make me happy?  I know it shouldn't be that hard so why don't I write more about them?  Tonight I plan to do just that. Sometimes when I am in the abyss it's hard to think of anything that would make me really HAPPY.  I mean what IS happiness anyway?  But the reality is I know what happiness is....more

47 Years Of Thankful

47 Years Of Thankful…...more