Beastly Beauty

There is a fascinating article, written by academic researchers Elayne Saltzberg and Joan Chrisler, called “Beauty is the Beast”. When I read it, it gave me furiously to think. These thoughts, Imma gonna share....more

Bad Feminist Confessions: “I Just Wish I Could Be Thin.”

Despite what I’ve written about how the beauty ideal harms people (especially young women), I find it a lot easier to not judge others by the way they look than to avoid judging myself. Since I don’t admit on my blog that I, too, get bothered by weight gain or that I feel guilty when I don’t exercise, it’s no wonder that other people get the impression I have “great self-confidence.” Don’t get me wrong -- I do think my body image is better than it’s ever been before in my life and I’ve never been less fixated on my appearance. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t also have plenty of days when I wake up feeling … well, fat. ...more
Great post!  I had a terribe body image when young (what I wouldn't give for that body now!) and ...more

Beauty Confession

 I have a confession to makeI think I’m beautiful.Because I am....more

Products You Just Can’t Live Without!

Today, more than ever, body image is a huge self-esteem issue for women and girls. We are constantly bombarded with messages about how to be perfect — Get Thin Fast; I Hate My Hair; Surgery-Free Boob Jobs; LongerLegs, Leaner Lines, Sexier Silhouette. Speaking in a recent issue of People magazine, the 23-year-old reality television celebrity and sage adviser Heidi Montag, who underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day, admitted that she plans to “keep using surgery to make me as perfect as I can be.” And as Heidi knows all too well, beauty isn’t cheap. But even if you don’t have $30K to overhaul yourself in the New Year, AAUW resolves to make you the ideal woman from head to toe in 2010 with a few beauty products you would be loathe to do without....more