Why Vanity Keeps Women Poor

Women spend thousands on beauty maintenance every year while men get by with drugstore shaving cream and hair gel. Even if we’re climbing the corporate ladder faster than ever, we’re still always one pedicured step behind. ...more
@TelecommuteMom Also slacking off on the personal care and beauty routines is more likely to ...more

The Beauty Industry And The Beast Known As The Recession

Sitting in a Russian operated nail salon in a Chicago suburb yesterday, I spent 45 minutes reading an article in Nailpro Magazine about the industry and the recession. Time was that the beauty industry was seen as "recession proof." Not so much today for nail technicians. In the article, nail techs across the country shared that  business was very tough. A celebrity manicurist who typically charges her clientele $100 for an in-home visit said even celebrities are cutting back --going to salons instead of paying the $100 for a  personal visit. ...more

Bridesmaids and Olympic Athletes: Living in a Skin-Deep World

Debbie and I blogged this on Body Impolitic and thought after some of the conversations at BogHer 2008 that people might find it interesting: The New York Times is discussing a new trend in bridesmaid gifts: for bridesmaids as young-looking and beautiful as your dreams, you, the lovely blushing bride, can easily provide everything from tit jobs to Botox: ...more