With Women Like This Who Needs Men-emies?

 I gave up on women’s magazines along the lines of Cosmo and Glamour right around the time that I was sufficiently confident I didn’t need advice on how to please a man.  While it’s entertaining and I’m a lover of fashion and a bit of gossip, I didn’t have enough time to allocate to fluff so I began weeding out my magazine consumption. Who survived the cut?  Marie Claire....more

Less Sex Talk, More Wrinkle Remedies

I’ve been reading magazines a long time and there are some that I’ve gotten too old to enjoy (Seventeen) and some that just aren’t as funny to me today as they were when I was a kid (MAD) — but never in my life have I picked up a magazine and been so alarmed at how little it actually interested me than I was today when I picked up the latest copy of Cosmo.  ...more

in line at the bank.


OK the post was funny and this comment - also ...more

Be Kind to Your Body Today

"You look like an Oompa-Loompa." “I look disgusting with my cottage cheese legs and stretch-mark hips. Nasty. No one would want to touch me.” “I’m ugly. Too skinny. Look sick.” “Oh my God, look at her waist and legs! We’re the same height. She looks like a model. I look like a lumpy sock.” If you've thought things like that -- or said them aloud to yourself -- it turns out you aren't alone. A new study by Glamour magazine shows that 97% of women have thoughts like that every single day. ...more
I think a great place to start is to stop comparing, because that's a big source of judgement ...more