Top 3 - eyeshadow palettes

Hi, sweet girls. It’s time for a new Top 3, and today I thought I would show the eyeshadow palettes, that I love the most. Actually I only use eyeshadow palettes now, and I don’t own one single eyeshadow anymore. All in palettes. Big ones, small ones. High end and cheap ones. Lots of color and neutrals.These three are the ones I use the most. ...more

My 5 minute makeup routine

Sometimes we have to get ready in a hurry, and get out of the door, as fast as we can. And then it’s good to have a makeup routine, that can be done in five minutes or so. And that’s what I will share with you today. ...more

Blue Eye Makeup

 ​1. First you are going to want to apply a primer and then your favorite foundation2. Then using a blue eye shadow you are going to want to take this into the crease of your eye only in the inner corner to 3/4 of the way out.3. Then with a navy blue you are going to want to apply this to the blue to give it some definition.4. Then go back and forth with a large brush and the colour to make sure its blended and the colour you want....more

Fall Inspired Makeup Look

Click the link below for the tutorial on this look ...more

How to clean your makeup brushes


My Skin Routine

So, I've been struggling with adult acne since the birth of my son 5 years ago. It's extremely frustrating to have dark acne scars, deep underlying acne, constant sporatic breakouts. But.... there is a solution. Having the right cleansing products, decent and healthy make up on your face, and at the end of it all, making sure you wipe your face clean before you sleep. I've learned how to target the acne, improve the darkened spots, and basically every day mask my face to cover all these insecurities....more
Hmmm...Haven't tried the honey lemon mask but definitely will. You should try the Garnier ...more

My Sephora Hits & Misses

June 22, 2015 – Sephora Hits & MissesMy Sephora shipment arrived! I’m excited about this order not only for my purchases but the stellar “gifts with purchase” that came along for the ride!...more

MOTD using all drugstore products!

Hi guys!...more

Covergirl The super sizer mascara review

Hey guys!...more

Is there one beauty product you wear year-round?

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