Weekend Skincare

 Ahh the weekend is almost here again! We’ve been working on a few things over here at B&B and I’m so excited! We are throwing around ideas and can’t decide whether to start a podcast or a youtube channel!? What would you rather see from us? Let me know in the comments!  ...more

What is Serum? & The Correct Way to Use It

Hi! Thanks for reading today's mishap Monday!Mishap: Moisturizing before using a serum.I was putting my skincare on in reverse order for a long time and I'm so glad I caught my mistake! There are so so many skincare products and brands that it can seem really confusing and really intimidating. It really is best to talk to an esthetician or dermatologist about what skincare regimen would work best for you, but I will help you with tips and tricks along the way!...more

How to Take Charge of Unruly Blackheads

What are BlackheadsBlackheads are one of those things I don't like to see, talk about, or even think about. They are the little tiny black dots where your pores are. Basically, they are the result of a clogged pore. ...more


Mishap: Not exfoliating.The first time I realized how important exfoliating was at the Clinique counter. They do a tape test on the back of your hand to show you how much dead skin cells come off. So then I started thinking about how I could incorporate exfoliating into my beauty routines. I didn't know how many different ways there were to exfoliate though, it's crazy....more

Your Beautiful Skin Starts From Within

There are a seemingly endless amount of beauty products on the market, all claiming to restore your skin to its youthful self....more

New Products!

Get thyself to thy nearest skincare aisle and pick up the Botanics 3 in 1 Miscellar Cleansing Water! Bottled water for your face?......I know, bear with me it seems super pretentious but hear me out. All you do is use a cotton pad (like the Shiseido Facial Cotton for the skin obsessed, or a regular cotton ball does just fine too) and it dissolves any makeup or impurities on your skin. It feels so fresh and takes such little work to freshen up your face. Loving this stuff before bed on  nights when even the act of washing my face sounds overly exhausting but esp....more

Dupe alert! Clinique vs Equate Clarifying lotion

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!...more


WHO IS TONY MOLY ...?!I hadn't heard of this brand either, but that is what discovery is ALL about- finding new things!!! I have been looking for some time, for something more on the fun side :) I absolutely LOVE healthy and organic beauty products- and of course my tried-and-true brands however, it's nice to stray from that formula occasionally just for pure fun!...more