Ipsy February Glam Bag

I love receiving my Glam Bag and this month it arrived early – Love that!The thing I like about the Ipsy Glam Bag is the different range of products I receive. Here is what I received in my bag this month: - J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue...more

Our Secret to Knockout Eyes!

There are so many products on the market that claim to help the most important area on your face, your eyes. We are revealing the amazing regime that helps make our eyes look younger and brighter!Clinique All About Eye Serum helps bags under your eyes, refreshes, and hydrates puffy eyes. Use this product first thing in the morning and you will really see a difference. The eye serum works like magic and is a cheaper product then most. ($28.00) ...more
EstheticGoddess We completely agree!more

The Best Homemade Beauty Products for Less

After doing my post on green cleaning, I started thinking about how much money I was saving by not buying commercial cleaning products and how much safer I felt my family was without being exposed to all those chemicals. I started thinking of other ways to cut chemicals and unnatural products out of our lives and decided a great place to start would be some beauty items....more
One benefit I'm interested in that you did not mention is that you are storing your home made ...more

Raiding the Pantry: Making Your Own Beauty Products

                                                 One my biggest beauty misadventures occurred a very long ti...more

More Greenwashing?

I recently decided to once again take a look at the products that I have in my house just to be sure that I had eliminated all of the ones with toxins....more

My natural look

I am 61 years old and last night in my bed with my BF he asked me what products do I use and how he liked the fact that I was not heavily made-up. Is he fucking kidding? No I am not heavily made-up but a lot of work goes into my "natural" look. First lets say I went through some transformations. I had broken off my two front teeth at separate time in my young life and finally had them properly fixed with veneers. I can't believe how many people tell me my teeth look so good-did they look that bad before? I look at pictures and hardly notice the difference. ...more

product survival kit

(from 20somethingcupcakes)Food, water, shelter, eye cream....more

join the cult: moroccan oil

(from 20somethingcupcakes)You may or may not have heard about Moroccan Oil, and if not, you need to hear about it. It's cult-like followers say it fights frizz, adds shine, and makes hair noticeably softer without weighing hair down or making it greasy. A bold statement, yes - but it totally delivers....more

From the first time my hair dresser used Moroccan Oil on my hair, I was hooked. It's pretty ...more