Give Yourself the Freedom to Make Mistakes

Thank you to "MakeHimKnown" for this beautiful ima...more

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365 Reflections - Reflection 13

Control - we all want it. It gives us order and allows us to give reason to things rather than think everything is beyond our influence. Control comes in a manner of forms - from selecting the colors for environment we want to live in to saying no when someone asks us to do something that we don't want. Control is comforting....more


FROM BEAUTIFUL TO MAGNIFICENT…. BEAUTY and MAGNIFICENCE… I believe everyone has BEAUTY and everyone has MAGNIFICENCE waiting to come out from them…….Each of us are born with both…….I believe it is life (the world's views) itself that changes that beauty and magnificence into what it was not designed to be…..Babies are all born beautiful and magnificent…..So why should that change?….It shouldn’t….. People gradually are told over time they are not beautiful, special, or magnificent ….They are told all that is wrong with them….rather than what is right with them….Everyone ...more

THE HAPPY ROOM......Memories.....

THE HAPPY ROOM….Just what is it.....?I believe in living in the present and the future to a degree….but I believe a part of us should reserve time for the past…..for our memories….especially our great memories…..I have a place in my home that I go to….I call it the HAPPY ROOM…..It is a room in my house that I keep many of my photo albums as well as my collection of brochures and things of that nature from places I have been….The Happy Room keeps me in touch with my history…. I cherish where I have been, where I am at now, as well as where I hope to go in the future….....more

Moving from Fear to Faith

On Monday evening, I finished a ten week class called Beyond Limits. The exercise in the lecture portion of this last class was about moving from fear to faith and in light of my previous blog post, I thought this was serendipitous. The exercise involved articulating a specific fear and then identifying how we behave as a result of this fear....more
My sister said her husband's gift was giving people in need money.   He would see certain ...more

Healthy Love, True Love, Overflowing Love

 God has told us in Matthew 22 that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves.We, the human race, are a flawed people but we are also a beautiful & courageous people.It is clear that we do not love ourselves well enough by looking at the state of our world....more

Do you truly love yourself?

Do you love yourself?  Don't just answer that question off the fly.  Really put some thought into it like I did.  For some of us this is an easy and bold YES or for the rest of us it’s a sad & resounding NO.On a scale from zero to ten, how well or how much do you love & accept yourself?...more
True..... I also always emphasize to follow one's own belief and not the crowd. Think about ...more

Warning: Focus on Gratitude & Forget the Shoes

There’s a story from college I remember as clearly as I do my dreams from last night. It is called Eternity and Time, a story from the intricate, thoughtful, delicate and otherwise seductive tales of Asian mythology; by far one of the subjects I enjoyed “studying” for most over the years. It takes me back to the long days of seminars, arriving to class a minute before it started with a hot vanilla latté in hand, pulling out my overflowing notebook and simultaneously checking out the fashion of the season....more

Before it's too late...

Thinking about the future or dwelling too much in the past is a challenge for me. But, the garden, it helps me stay in the present; the sound of the birds, the chime and the light breeze all to remind me to stay present in the moment.  There is nothing like the scent of flowers or the sight of a butterfly to quiet the chatter in my head. There are countless small gifts from the garden, but its power to make me stop and be “present” is its greatest reward....more