A Little Golden Book of Recovery: On Saturday Mornings We Play in the Garden

“Saturday. Cartoon Day,” she whispers me awake each Saturday morning. I don’t know why she whispers. I am the only one here. I try to ignore her but she whispers again, “Saturday.” ...more

365 Reflections - Reflection 20

Well, it's getting tougher and tougher to select a photo and to find writing material. Last night's sleep was a replay of the Big Bang in my office. My current employer, in part enabled by the absence of the calming influence of his wife, decided to tell me what he really thinks of my imminent departure....more

WORDS, WORDS, WORDS.....The Power of Words...

THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS.....I simply love WORDS.....because I think they hold so much Power......The power in the tongue....The power in both the spoken words and the written words.....Words are incredible....They can shape a person's life....and how those around them relate to them....all through the choice of their words.......more

Face-Palm Psalms

Face-Palm PsalmsOh Lord! But you are still a lamb, Son.What, exactly, is it thou wants?Yea, though thou swaggers throughthe valley of the shadow of death,thou doth fear no evil.Art thou stupid?Myself—and others in various arms of the justice system—consistently leadeth thee in the paths of righteousness(For goodness sake!)but thou doth fear no evil...more

The Gift Of An Empty Box

"Don't let people who like to keep things in pretty boxes keep you from experiencing everything about your own life." - Sandi K....more

How to Love: Listen Without Interrupting

  In our house, disagreements and lively debates are filled with one common phrase: "Let me finish...don't interrupt me!!!" Everyone wants their voice to be heard. Everyone feels their reasoning needs to be heard. ...more

Messy Grace

Oddly enough, mine is not a picture perfect life.And I have no plethora of beautifully arranged photos to post here at Its Own Sweet Will for it to seem otherwise.I have no hours to devote to photo arrangements.Beautiful photos:  of tag sale gleaming crockery bowls, worn wooden tables handed down from my great grandmother, seemingly random tumbled displays of the generous bounty from our fertile fields....more

Why Can't I Sit Under A Tree And Talk To God?

My husband and I spent this Yom Kippur alone. It was probably the first time in our lives that we have done so. There were many reasons for this—some circumstances, others by choice. Our sons are scattered around the country, my husband’s travel schedule landed him back in town just before Kol Nidre began, we no longer belong to a synagogue and as it turned out, I had the stomach flu....more
@Denise Thank you Denise - I appreciate the read and the comment. Yes, I think you do have a ...more

Touser The Born Again Poodle

This is (a bad picture of) Touser. Picture of Uncooperative Touser who just wants to go back inside.He is a poodle who thinks he’s a real dog.{n.b.- for all poodle lovers out there, that was a joke}...more
Hahahahahaha! Touser looks just like my Nicky. But Nick has no Poodle in him. It's true, we've ...more

Summer Grace

 Last summer was weird because we didn’t actually go on vacation.Of course we went camping.  And fishing.  And out on a boat(about which I have really nothing positive to say other than we didn’t drown....more