If Your Mind Had a Megaphone? Becoming a Positive Thinker

If we could attach a megaphone to your mind and so your thoughts blast out to the world, what would we hear? Honestly now. What would we hear? Would we hear negative and undermining statements? Unkind or harsh words? I can't do this, I can't do that, I am too afraid of this, too afraid of that? Or are the words defensive and boastful? Or are they truly positive and beneficial to yourself and others? ...more
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"Winning" Literally!

So many of us wander around this Earth waiting for “our big break” or our “lucky day” or “our one shot” or our “big moment”…meanwhile each day passes and the opportunities that come with each new day seem to be carried through the wind as a faint thought or the proverbial “whiff” of what might have been. Sure everyone has big dreams – everyone WANTS to be successful – everyone says that they’re willing to work for it…but how many actually do?...more

Having It All Together

  Recently I was talking to someone about marriage and relationships. This person was over forty years old but was not ready to get married because he did not “have it all together”. He felt marriage was not currently an option....more

Saving Yourself from "Poor Me" Syndrome

Many of us know that person- the striving, sometimes successful, seeming over-giver who does so many things with a smile, yet, behind the scenes, complains constantly about not getting their due.  Looking at these people you understand that they are their biggest problem.  So how can you save them (or yourself) from sliding too far into "poor me" syndrome. First thing's first: Get to the bottom of the "what"...more

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Sing Out, Clara

Clara walked onto the stage and took the microphone in hand. She glanced at her first grade teacher in the wings. The mike clunked, and scratched as it brushed up against her purple, pleated skirt....more

You set the limits to your success

Your mind set the limits to your success It’s a reality, thoughts materialize. So be careful in how you construct your reality. Don’t allow negative fearful thoughts get in the way of getting what you want; you deserve to achieve your goals like everyone else, you worked hard and it’s time to see the results....more

The limit, is in your mind - success is for grabs!
Get it girl! It's all yours...more