Throwing Yourself Off the Cliff

I didn’t take to motherhood like a duck in water. My own mother was -- and is -- so good at it. Endlessly patient. Endlessly understanding. Endlessly giving. She was born to be a mother the way Mozart was born to be a musical genius. (Nope, not an overstatement.) Me? I feel selfish in comparison. There are things I want out of this life that have nothing to do with being a mom. That doesn’t mean I want to shirk off my kids -- quite the opposite -- but it has taken a long time to figure out how to be me while still being a mother to them....more
Hello there, Trish! I find this piece brilliant in its insights. It offers so much. I am an ...more

a (tired) ode to motherhood

Last night the hooligans were awake from 1-4am.They are sick, so I am not really allowed to be grumpy about it....more

Shame on you, Ms. Gibson!

Jessica Gibson, ex-nanny for Rob Lowe, claims that he "sexually abused" her during her 7-year employment with him. Sighhhhh.....I am getting really tired of these nanny/employer "affair/sexual abuse" stories. I mean, it's getting as ...more

Are school buses a thing of the past?


These kind of stories pop up every year.  Sending kids off to school is scary enough but ...more

Becoming a Mother: Providing Support for the Transition to Motherhood

Becoming a Mother is a blog designed to help expectant and first-time mothers make their transition to motherhood with more joy and less stress. Becoming a mother for the first time is a major life transition and one that most women in the U.S. and other Western countries are not fully prepared for. As a result, they hold fairy-tale expectations of "life after birth" and are shocked to discover that the real experience is very different. ...more

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