How to rid your home of icky Bed Bugs without emptying your bank account

The old saying, “Hindsight is 20/20” has never been more truer than the case of my BED BUG attack. I am happy to say I fought a hard fight… and I WON!!!When I first realized the little critters scooting across my bed were actually bed bugs, I freaked!! I panicked! I called an exterminator and willingly emptied my bank account to make these bugs disappear. Looking back… I see I over reacted BIG TIME....more

Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs - Ewww!

We have all heard of the recent infestation of bed bugs, even in the most reputable hotels and retail venues. Bed bugs don’t discriminate and super cleanliness doesn’t detract them either.  I can brush off a spider with the back of my hand, but the idea of bed bugs anywhere near totally paralyzes me. It almost – almost – is reason enough for me to never want to leave my home. Since that is not an option, I thought I should research products that would help with the bed bug problem. And allow me to travel and sleep while doing so!...more
Bed bugs can spread very rapidly, especially in apartment complexes. Be sure to contact more

What you need to know about bedbugs before your next trip

Chances are you've probably already heard a few horror stories about the bedbug infestation spreading across the nation. Although the yuck factor of these blood-sucking parasites (Cimex lectularius)is huge, fortunately they do not transmit disease....more

Not Just Bed Bugs: Pests Plague the Homeless Community

Click to view linkDownload this gallery (ZIP, undefined KB)I am frequently asked about pest contr...more

Tiny Bed Bugs Creating Gigantic Infestations: How Can You Protect Your Family?

Bed bugs aren't just coming to a bed or hotel near you, these sneaky buggers are getting everywhere. From the most exclusive hotel rooms, to the item you just bought on eBay. And because these things are masters at the art of concealing themselves in darkness, there is virtually no place they can't get to. Even something that appears to be clean and sanitized can be harboring bed bugs in the tiniest crevice. They can travel by bus, train, plane, or automobile. They can hitch a ride on our clothes, luggage, shoes, or handbag. They can be sitting with you at the movie theater, cruising with you on a ship, or even laying with you in a hospital bed. ...more

I am just terrified of bed bugs! My boyfriend and I like to travel, and while we used to enjoy ...more

What you need to know about bed bugs

If you watch the network news, you probably think bed bugs--also known as Cimex lectularius--are taking over the world, or at least NYC. The bed bug population in the U.S. has grown at an alarming rate in recent months....more

Are You Sleeping With Bed Bugs?

If you're eating, you may want to pass on reading this post until a little later. If you're easily sicked-out by bugs, you may want to pass on this one altogether. It seems that infestations of bed bugs are on the rise, so much so that the EPA held a Bed Bug Summit this week. The purpose of the summit was to address the problem and work towards finding a solution. ...more

SI heard that one way of preventing them is to wash your sheets in hot water.  I would think ...more