Creating A Greener Lifestyle is in the Hands of the Consumer: Buy All Natural Bed Frames

Choosing to purchase sustainable products is the first step to changing the global climate. Globally, forests are one of the most challenging factors in the world’s role to play in the transition to a new, greener economy, a theme discussed at the RIO+20 World Summit on Sustainable Development....more

Finally making some progress!

Today my mom and I went dorm crazy at Super Target (which is my favorite place to be pretty much.) Originally I purchased a hot pink comforter but I found this and fell in LOVE with it! It's beautiful and I love it so much. It makes me 103492359328538 x happier about college. However, I will still miss my boyfriend muchisimo....more


Nope, it’s not some strange milestone I’ve created to mark an important moment in my child’s life.  No, this is about you and your kids and adorable KID’S BEDDING.  This is my first Giveaway! Which thanks to CSNStores you have the chance to win! They are graciously offering one reader (and I probably only have one ) a chance to win this cool eco-friendly play fruit and veggie set....more

Quilts That Fit. The Industry Needs An Adjustment

Last week I bought a new mattress for one of our beds.  While the mattress and box springs had seen better times (I had purchased them in 1978!), they - and new bedding - were the only things I had seriously considered replacing in the room.  Until the new items were in the room, and the summer quilt was replaced upon the bed.  The quilt is coming up short. ...more


I agree referring to the older books and magazines is a problem. However, when I wrote ...more