Turquoise – the color of 2010

British decoration center Dulux named the main color for 2010 and this is Turquoise!...more

To Have And To Hold, Sorta.

Married people like sleeping in separate beds (gasp!): We were married for three years before discovering the luxury of alternate arrangements. But that’s not the disturbing part. I mean, hey, Who Am I to complain when being offered a king size mattress all to myself? ...more

Yes, I agree, every marriage develops its own set of rules (many you make up as you go)! But, ...more

Kids' Room Decor: Finding Ideas Online

The subject of kids' room decor has been on my mind a lot lately.  For my oldest son's 11th birthday this past summer, we gave him a "new" room, redecorated to reflect his pre-teen sensibilities.  A dozen loose ends, though, have kept it an on-going project. Additionally, my two middle sons share a room, and it's a small one.  This means I'm constantly looking for decorating ideas that will make that room seem larger and more efficient. ...more

I like to change things too but find that paint is messy and takes awhile. Have you ever ...more

Incompatible In The Bedroom

'It's just no good, we're never going to make it,' Luke declares in the morning. 'You're right, we just need to accept the truth. We're not bedroom compatible,' I sigh. He nods in agreement, adding, 'It's not our fault. When people ask what went wrong, I'll just say, 'Cameron used to steal all the pillows all the time, so I had her killed.' It's true, I'm a terrible hogger (and, some might argue, blogger). His would be a reasonable reaction. ...more

Making A Mess Of Massage Oil

Damn, it would appear I am in danger of alienating my only reader. Luke comes home after working a 10-hour shift (something to do with deadline-day for football players transferring clubs) and declares in a shocked voice that he read my blog today. ...more

Nine things you don't know about your children's bedroom:

Natural wisdoms: A weekly feature: If your children have trouble sleeping, restless nights, wake up feeling tired, complain of aches and pains, foggy thinking, generally feel unwell or constantly ill then the solution to any of these ailments could quite well be found lurking somewhere in your son or daughters bedroom. After teaching and consulting for more than a decade in Holistic Feng Shui it soon became obvious to me that many children were sleeping in an environment that over stimulated their minds and stressed their immune and nervous systems. ...more

Reclaiming the Master Bedroom

I am messy.  I am not a born-organized kind of person.  Things around me are not dirty (I don't like dirty), but there is clutter.  There are piles all around my desk and all over my husband's desk and on top of the file cabinet and on my bedside table.  Things stack up on the table just inside the front door, on the buffet in the kitchen, on most any flat surface.  My sweetie and I don't mind this for the most part. It drives my mom-in-law and my daughter nuts, but we can always find what we need.  Stuff is all filed choronogically and geographically.  It's like this:  I had it yesterday and I was on the computer so it must be near the top of this stack over here.  I'm not making excuses.  I'm just stating the facts.  I try to be organized and I can't keep it up.  If I go it all at once, I get burnt out.  If I try to take it slow and easy, I get bored.  So, compared to my house 5 years ago, I have more stuff (mostly more kid stuff), but it is getting less cluttered and more organized one project at a time.  Once I get something done it usually isn't too hard to hang onto it (except for those flat spaces in the common areas - they ALWAYS collect ALL the paper that comes into the house).  ...more

Mousy32922 - you're right. It's particularly difficult with toddlers. There were days (weeks, ...more