My oldest son's room looks like a bomb went off in it and exploded with toys.  Toy trucks, cars, buses, trains, books, alphabet and building blocks and stuff animals cover almost the entire floor of his room.  When I go into his room, I have to be careful where I step because if I don't, I'll risk tripping over, kicking, stepping on them risking a stumped big toe or a strain ankle or just pain period of the foot reign.  I would come into his room to read him a story and all I see is land mines of toys.  I would have to kick a path through his toys to his bed to sit on it...more

Trustful Parenting Experiment #1: No Bedtime

Bedtime has been an ever-evolving routine in our house. I know some parents who establish a bedtime routine for their kid when he’s six months old and hardly deviate from it for the next few years, but that hasn’t been our experience. From nursing to rocking and singing to no singing to no rocking to snuggling with the lights on to reading books to no more books to snuggling with the lights out… we adapt and do what works....more

Bedtimes for everyone

My bedtime is 10 pm. This is self-imposed, of course. I am a (mostly) fully-functioning adult. And I also recognize that if I don't go to bed at that time, then I will be extra groggy at 5:15 when the cat/alarm/cat alarm wakes me the next morning....more
Pecked2DeathByChckns Sleep is so important and it's wonderful that you have them on such a fixed ...more


Nothing motivates the creation of a poorly-made craft like the prospect of a good night’s sleep.It’s 8:07 p.m., and my kids are eating a bedtime snack. The conversation goes something like this:MOMMY: You have to stay in your own bed tonight, Lily. Daddy is pretty sick with a cold and we can’t have you coming in our bed again.LILY: Well, can you at least put a sleeping bag down on the floor??!?...more

3 tips for A+ January success

Winter break is quickly approaching its final days. With the kids out of school for the past couple of weeks, your days have likely been anything but ordinary and routine.  Between the excitement of new gifts, an endless sugar supply, and late night bedtimes, you and your family are almost certainly a bit out of sorts....more

Bedtime: A Drama Performed in Three Acts

Act 1: In which my son gets clean ...more
With our first son, we had an extensive bedtime routine that involved rocking him to sleep every ...more

Tips for Making Bedtime Easier

Last week, I offered tips for making after school easier; the week before I offered tips for making the m...more

Fall Asleep, Love

---Must a little weep, Love,(Foolish me!)And so fall asleep, Love,Loved by thee."A Woman's Last Word", by Robert BrowningThere is only one thing worse that an overtired little kid.  An overtired little kid, his overtired brother and their overtired mom, all trying to make it to bedtime without losing their s#!t completely.  It really is just a matter of time and I am certain about one thing.  This. Will.  Suck....more
I am so glad you wrote this.  Personally, I need to remember this otherwise I will go crazy and ...more

A Baby's Prayer

Son #2 is learning to pray before he goes to bed.  Last night, we read from a devotional book as the boys ate berry cobbler at the kitchen table.  After worship, my husband prayed.  Then, he asked Son #2 if he wanted to say his prayer.  Son #2 babbled and smiled. Our boys closed their eyes and folded their hands as I began.  "Dear..." Son #2 repeated.  "Dearw..." "Jesus"  I continued. "Ee...u"  Son #2 said. "Thank you..."  I stated. "Ta...tu"  Son #2 chirped. ...more

Operation “Be a Better Mommy”

When I used to work full time, I had less than 2 hours each day to spend with my kids before bed. Between cooking dinner, clearing up the day’s wreckage, and prepping for tomorrow, there wasn’t much opportunity for finding out how everyone’s day went. So, as I tucked each girl in at night, I’d ask “What was your favorite part of the day today?” More often than not, the response I got back was “Having fun with Vicki.” Vicki was our babysitter, so the answer was bittersweet. ...more