MM - Safe Place Ritual

When our three kidlets were little, hubby and I started doing a "Safe Place" ritual at bedtime. A friend gave me a similar meditation to help them feel protected from some weird juju that was manifesting at the time. In the early days of doing it, we'd hold their hands, and once they'd imagined their Safe Place, they'd give a quick squeeze (we were going for a mellow, quiet bedtime vibe). The eldest always squeezed almost immediately, with the youngest being not far behind, and then we'd all try to wait patiently while the boy (in his typical, methodical fashion), got his visualized....more

My Nighttime Accessories: 3 Reasons I Feel Sorry For My Husband After 9PM

Before about 9pm at night, I'm acceptably together with my look.  I shower every morning, put on trace amounts of make up, organize my hair (notice I didn't say style), and put on a casual but not frumpy outfit and earrings.  Can you really ask much more from a mom of 2 small kids?  I don't think so.  Like midnight for Cinderella, around 9-10pm it all goes downhill for me, and though he would never admit it, my husband also has to witness the transformation and is probably increasingly horrified as I add new 'accessories'....more

Once Upon A Time...

Up until very recently, just this week in fact, my three year old has been a nightmare at bedtime! As soon as we mentioned it was time to get our pyjamas on she would take off running. You would literally have to corner her and scoop her up. Getting them on was next to impossible too. She would wiggle and squirm the whole time. When it came to brushing her teeth she was no better. She would flick her tooth brush spraying toothpaste all over the mirror, brush the sink and faucet, or just stare at her reflection and make funny faces....more

Are My Kids Too Old for “The Bedtime Routine”?

My daughters are 10-years-old, and my husband and I still do a fairly elaborate bedtime routine with them involving reading, cuddling, and a lot of talking and listening. We have a system and a schedule, and each child gets one-on-one time with one or both parents. ...more

Motherly Advice

Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep.  ~H....more