Let's learn something: Bad dreams are scary

I remember the first time my son told me about a bad dream. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "I dreamed there was no milk."Did I immediately scoop him into my arms and get him some chocolate milk? You bet I did (he was only two)!Since then, my son has told me about lots of bad dreams. His descriptions are always succinct:...more

The Petition


Bedtimes? What Bedtimes?

Our kids don't have a set bedtime.  What??  Are we insane?  What about schedules?  What about some quiet time after the kids go to sleep?  Are they getting enough sleep?  Before we get labeled as unconcerned, free-for-all, no boundaries parents, let me qualify this with - we do have bedtimes, but not set bedtimes. ...more

Isn't that how it always goes? "8:30 translates to 10 or so." I hear ya!

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My Early Birds.

I've never been big on schedules really, meals and naps and things have always been pretty lax in my house, but my daughters' nightly bedtime has always been 7:30, for as long as I can remember. Every single person I've ever relayed this information to, be it parent or not, has looked at me horrifically wondering why on Earth I'd put them down so early. ...more

or early in bed times if the children won't go to sleep.  My chldren are grown but I'm trying ...more