Beef Kebabs

Have you ever met anyone that does not like to eat Kabab?  Everyone loves it.  It is delicious and easy to make at home, this recipe is easy and fast enough to make for a weeknight dinner. The rule is to have dinner on the table no later than 7 pm every night at our house, so I try my best to have delicious food by that time and having easy recipes up my sleeves is all I need to accomplish that.  ...more


So I finally made it: Boeuf Bourguignon (French Beef Stew), out of the Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, and Simone Beck. Here is the recipe. It was quite labor intensive, but it was the first I made it and I'm sure the...more

Chinese sauteed beef

Check out this amazing fast and delicious beef recipe on my blog

Plated + Served: Make-Ahead BBQ Ribs

Summer won’t be here for another few weeks, I know, but let’s make a promise right now: This summer we WILL relax, take it easy and enjoy the sun, the heat, and life itself.And this is how we’re going to start: A deliciously easy recipe for Make-Ahead BBQ Spare Ribs.The key words here? “Make-Ahead.” There’s no need to stand over the grill or smoker all day to prepare these succulent, spicy ribs. Roast them in the oven the day before and grill them right before you’re ready to eat....more

Plated + Served: Easy Chimichurri Beef Empanadas

Empanadas are the world’s go-to fast food: a baked or fried hand-held pastry stuffed with anything delicious that you might ever want to eat (and probably some things you wouldn’t).In Afghanistan they’re called bolani and filled with veggies. In Malaysia, epok epok is sometimes stuffed with canned sardines. Curaçao’s pastechis have a Gouda cheese filling, while in Ghana, they’re simply called meat pies and made with corned beef....more

Easy Slow Cooker Cranberry Meatballs

When it comes to cooking, I really dislike it. I am not someone who likes to spend hours in the kitchen. If it is not easy cooking, easy clean up, or easy on the time, I want nothing to do with it. However, I want to eat real food and not something out of a cardboard box. I am sure my family would much rather have real food too.  ...more