New Life in the Apiary and the Unexpected Swarm

Two new hives went into the apiary this year along with two new colonies of bees. We purchased a five-frame nuc for the long hive and a package for the Warre’. The long hive combines the rectangular shape of a top bar hive with the traditional Langstroth design allowing for a nuc to be easily installed....more


“My goal in life is to walk around like Pooh Bear, with my ‘paw’ deep in a large crock of honey, savoring the sweetness all day long.”...more

Building businesses, and inclusive peace, in Kosovo

Budding entrepreneurs from minority groups get training and support from a joint EU-UN Women-UNDP project to spur lasting recovery in post-conflict Kosovo. ...more

August Hive Inspection

Hi! We are raising honeybees at our hobby farm in central Oklahoma and just enjoyed a mid-summer hive inspection. Come see what's going on with the Lazy W Honeymakers!

Am I the Last Person to Read This?

Hello there! I have just reviewed a book that touched me so deep in my heart, for so many reasons. It's not a new release (is it possible I'm the last person to read it?) but I hope you'll track it down and read it anyway. It is truly nourishing in so many ways.The Secret Life of Bees  by Sue Monk Kidd. A modern classic.Here is my full review, I'd love you to click over and share your thoughts! learned, dreams fulfilled, adventures shared...more

Beekeeping 101

Step 1: Lose your fear of bees. ok. check.Next!...more

How I Stopped my Bees From Swarming

One of the most self-affirming activities I've yet to experience in my backyard urban apiary.  Go to link below and read this short but s-w-e-e-t post. Kristin Sherman Olnes...more

Overwintering Bee Hives

We've hit our first frost here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it came with a snowstorm. Beekeepers are preparing hives for overwintering. I'm a first year beekeeper and I'm thrilled that my honey bee colony is healthy as we head into winter.Here are a few recommendations for overwintering your bee hive. I’m sure you are already on it, but in just in case you're looking for suggestions, consider these: ...more
Grew up by bee farms but always find this weird. MT @BlogHer For urban farmers among ...more

What Do Kids "Calculate" When It Comes to Conservation? It's Not $$$!

For Earth Day, author Terra Wellington offers this guest post brimming with suggestions on how to get closer to nature with your kids. You'll find other great ideas in her new book, The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home....more