Honey Beer Glazed Wings

 Our Patriots didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but it doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the festivities on game day. To many, it’s all about the game, but to others it’s all about the food (and halftime). I pledge allegiance to latter camp. I have been working on a new wing recipe for the special occasion....more

San Diego Brew Fest 2013

By: Heather Wolf...more

Drink well, party hard: [beer] for your health

Today’s kickass guest post is from Kristen Bayusik of Now Beer Thisfame. An at-home brewing extraordinaire and fellow music industry lady, Kristen’s “analog beer blog” is packed with craft beer reviews, drink-and-album pairings and coverage of both brew- and music-related events in her CT neighborhood. With a shared music industry background and love of authentic, non-mass-produced drink and food, we were long overdue for a collaboration....more

Beer bread

It's a funny thing. I hate beer (I mean I hate it) but I loveeeeee beer bread. Something about the sweet with a hint of savory, it's one of my favorite homemade breads. This particular recipe is incredibly easy and if you keep brews in your fridge, you probably have all the ingredients. Paired with a crockpot soup or big bowl of chili, this bread is perfect for the winter (or any time really!). ...more