Germany: A Summary

After eleven days of traveling, we made our way back to Izmir happy, tired, and a little hungover.  Words cannot explain how much fun we had in Germany or how much we adored the German culture (and food and beverages!)....more


It’s no surprise, with nearby sister city being Munich, Cincinnati, Ohio has a love for beer. In fact, due to its large German community in the late 1800’s, Cincinnatians were consuming 2.5 times more beer than the national average. Local beer was king and the brewery district in Over-the-Rhine prospered. Unfortunately, with the enactment of Prohibition and the introduction of mass market beers in the 1960’s, many thriving breweries and saloons were disbanded and local brews became few and far between....more

Quick and Easy Homemade BBQ "Mop" Sauce

The List Phenomenon

“8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately”“11 Things You Didn’t Know About Lucky Charms”“3 Reasons to Never Open a Bank Account”“7 Reasons to Never Drink Bottled Water Again”“Top Ten Reasons Why Bottled Water is a Blessing”“7 Evidence Based Health Reasons to Eat Meat”“10 Reasons to Stop Eating Meat”“6 Reasons to Use Organic Makeup”...more

Beer here! And there: finding suds is half the fun

Not that you’d ever get tired of our outstanding Maine craft breweries, but as a beer writer investigating all of New England, I have to let you in on other places you can go to wet your whistle. Our neighbor New Hampshire, changed its laws a couple of years ago to allow nano-breweries to open, and there are a baker’s dozen just dying to see your bright shining faces and pamper your palates. Think DIPA (double IPA) and beers for non-hopheads as well....more

Russian River Brewing Company- A Beer Adventure

As a woman in her thirties, I like beer. No, I love beer. This was not always the case though. There was a time, a very dark time, when what I thought of as beer was watery, flavorless, slightly yellow drink that came in cans....more

Baseball Bat Bottle Opener, Homerun!

A beer bottle opener is necessary for just about every bar.  While the basic bottle opener will do the job, it does not have the ability to impress your friends like the baseball bat bottle opener.  Because unlike the boring openers, this one is made out of an official baseball bat swung during a game....more

Honey Beer Glazed Wings

 Our Patriots didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but it doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the festivities on game day. To many, it’s all about the game, but to others it’s all about the food (and halftime). I pledge allegiance to latter camp. I have been working on a new wing recipe for the special occasion....more

San Diego Brew Fest 2013

By: Heather Wolf...more