Giveaway: North American Native Bee Calendar (Better late than Never!)

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Just cleaned off my desk and found three North American native Bee Calendars (retail value $14.95). January may be almost gone but these shiny new calendars have great photos and lots of useful info about all things bee-ish. And besides there are still 11 more months to go...and they're free! see for more details....more

Garden Catalogs: Getting Behind the Birds, and Now the Bees

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Hopefully by now you've amassed a good-sized pile of well-thumbed garden catalogs, already marked with sticky tabs and yellow highlighter, or at least a few turned-down pages. I'm still hoping to spend some more quality time with mine and a mug of hot chocolate. Or maybe you're glued to the computer screen dazzled by the bright colors and earnest promises of the seed... Read the rest at  ...more

Dandelion parable

 plump bees twirling on small and humble blossoms like hippopotami pirouetting on lily pads. ...more

Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe)

Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe) ...more

Plant 7 herbs bees love- nourish your family, yourself and your garden!

If you like food you should love bees. Bees are responsible for many of the favorite foods you put on your table every day. New statistics show that bee populations are declining. Part of living a green sustainable should include making your yard bee friendly. For more information read my article: Planting for the bees- making your yard sustainable. ...more

Get bees buzzing again

Want a one-serving fruit pie cup with honey baked right into the crust? Then we must be fellow Pushing Daisies fans -- so I assume you saw the first episode this season, in which Chuck the beekeeper's bees all die due to errant pesticides! ...more

I suck as a gardener too, so for now I'm sticking to the eating local honey part. I heart ...more

Environmentally responsible gardening.

Gardners everywhere share certain concerns: water, fertilizers, pests.  How they deal with these concerns varies depending on the garden, and the gardener.  From an environmentally responsible standpoint there are ways to deal with each of these concerns. Water: Xeriscaping uses native plants that are generally drought-tolerant and pest-resistent. ...more

Honey, Our Bees Are in Trouble

"Summer time, and the livin' is easy ..." (Wanna listen while reading? Open the Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong classic in another window. For optimal effect, listen to birds singing at the same time!) Okay, now that we're, um, in the mood, let's skip the birds and move straight to the bees, you know, honey bees. ...more

My town sprays malathion for mosquito control... three days in a row this week.... even ...more

Bee-ing a Good Citizen

Bee-ing a Good Citizen      ...more