Microblogging: What's Tumblr and How Can It Help Me?

Somewhere between traditional blogging and Twitter there lies a sort of half-blog option. If your primary blog is your heavyweight and Twitter is your featherweight, then sites like Tumblr, Posterous, and TypePad Micro would have to be your lightweights. Those sites aren't quite as much as a full-fledged blog, but they are more than a microblog (though, technically, they are considered a part of microblogging)....more

I probably shared 10 or more links every day w/o adding descriptions or comments. I'll keep ...more

5 Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make

Starting a new blog can be so much fun. There are so many shiny, fancy widgets and plug-ins you can use on your blog to really show your personality! That's what blogs are for, right? Yes and no. While you want your blog to be a true reflection of yourself, you probably also want to develop a community and a following. In order to do that, you need to consider your readers' perspective and make sure you're giving them a site they'll want to return to. I'm going to point out five mistakes that beginning (and even some seasoned) bloggers make. In fact, most bloggers have made these same mistakes; they are almost a right of passage, but why waste time with mistakes you can easily avoid? ...more
The anchor text for the links is so important for seo, but I, too, have discovered that my ...more

Choosing Movable Type as Your Blogging Platform

Over the past two months I've written articles outlining each of the major blog platforms: Blogger Typepad WordPress I'm going to end this series with Movable Type. Movable Type is the self-hosted blog platform offered by SixApart (also owner of Typepad). Ostensibly, Movable Type is the equivalent of WordPress.org. Put simply: Both are non-hosted blogging platforms that allow you to tweak your own code. ...more

As we both noted in our e-mails to each other, I think it boils down to choice. I had some ...more

Tre's Tech Tips: Register Your First/Last Name as your Domain Name AND Use This Domain for Email

Hey there. Hope all's well. I'm realizing something: as I teach myself something technologically I think is worth sharing, I'll post it as a tech tip. Here goes with my first one: Tre's Tech Tip #1: Move into your own home online: Buy your own Domain Name your First and Last Name Whether you own real estate, or the home you reside in, you should own your own your online real estate--or your domain. ...more

Choosing WordPress as Your Blogging Platform

I have told you before that WordPress is the industry standard for bloggers. Certainly you have options (e.g., Blogger and Typepad), but if you want to put a more professional edge on your blog, add more functionality, and simply take it to the next level, you need to be looking at WordPress. ...more

I've only tried blogger and wordpress and prefer wordpress for it's functionality. You can do ...more

Choosing Typepad as Your Blogging Platform

Over the past two weeks I've discussed what to consider when choosing a blog platform and the pros and cons of using Blogger as your platform. Today I'm writing about the pros and cons of using Typepad as your blog platform. Typepad is a paid, hosted platform and is one of the most popular options in the blogosphere right now. ...more

Typepad is a great alternative for Wordpress and Blogger..and it's great for beginners such as ...more

Choosing Blogger (Blogspot) as Your Blogging Platform

Blogger (or Blogspot) is a free blogging platform run by Google. My opinion is that it's a great platform for beginning bloggers who may be unsure about whether they are going to embrace blogging for the long-term or who may be unable (or unwilling) to pay for blog hosting. ...more

WordPress? Blogger? Typepad? How to Choose a Blogging Platform

When you decide to start your own blog, you have many choices to make -- and the very first choice is which platform to use. The most popular blog platforms are Blogger, Typepad, and WordPress. This article will explain the basic differences of these platforms, and the pros and cons of each. ...more

I was a slow convert to Wordpress but once I figured out the difference between pages and ...more

Monetizing your blog--starting your mom blog (Part VII)

Before I do a final wrap-up of starting your mom blog, I think it is important to go where many bloggers eventually find themselves. Do you put ads on your blog or not? There have been some amazing discussions about this over the past week and again at BlogHer. So, let's hit this one head on and talk about it. Last week MetroDad started a discussion on what he felt was a "throw away post" on ads on blogs that began to take on a life of its own. He didn't expect it to become an issue that would have other people put him up as the "anti-ad" blogger. (For the record, he is not anti-ad.) In his original post he writes about it. ...more

Jen, first thanks for the mention. Second, I'm so glad that this discussion has kept going even ...more

Essential HTML for BlogHer Posts

Editors Note: Post was updated 4/5/10 The wonderful new BlogHer is gorgeous! You don't have to use the rich text editor to add links and images to your post, you can write your own html code. Just click input format and select Full html to disable the rich text editor. ...more

HTML isn't accepted in profiles. We can't eliminate the underscores because the profiles turn ...more