Now that I blog, how will anyone ever know about it? -Part VI of starting a mom blog

Now that you are rocking and rolling with your new blog, it is time to figure out how to get people to (a) realize that you are blogging and (b) get visitors to come see your amazing writing skills. There are a few tried and true ways to get traffic your way. From comments to web-rings to communities. Your writing will keep them coming back, but you have to get them to your blog first. ...more

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Content and your child's right to privacy--Part V in the mom blog series

Your blog is ready to go. You have your platform. You've named it. You have decided how much personal information to include and what you want to do about pictures. Good job. The basics are done. Now, the hard part starts. Your blog--ANY blog-- is nothing without good content. You knew I was going to get to it eventually. We have to talk about content. Political blogs will mention politics. Food bloggers will talk about food. Mom bloggers will inevitably talk about their children. Let's face it: they are a never-ending source of entertainment. ...more

I try always to keep within the boundaries of respect. I once wrote a post advising others not ...more

Your new mom blog (Part III): Let's get personal (or not!)

We've covered platforms (and you taught me a thing or two as well) and we have covered naming your blog. Now we come to one of the most important decisions you will make as a mom blogger. To name or not to name. Meaning, to use your real name and the real names of your children or to stay as anonymous as possible. This is an important decision for any blogger, but if you are going to be blogging about your children, this is one decision you really need to ponder. ...more

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I use my real name and also my son's, but neither of those ...more

Starting your mom blog (Part II)- What's in a name?

So, I am going to assume that you have chosen your blogging platform and you awakened from that possibly technically boring entry in Part I. Welcome back. Get some coffee! Let's talk names. First up, what do you want to name your blog? This is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. People may not judge a book by its cover, but trust me, they will judge a blog by its name. What message do you want to send? Do you want to declare yourself a mom blogger in the title? How much information do you want in your name? ...more

I just started blogging, and don't know if my blog name is good or not but it was all I could ...more

Blogging Tips: The Importance of Title and URL

I've been meandering through the blogrolls at BlogHer and checking the blogs of visitors who leave comments on my personal blogs. I see a trend of mismatched blog titles and blog URLs. I think this is a newbie bloggers mistake. It's easy to fix the title, but URLs can't be improved once they're chosen. Since I don't want to name names, I'll make up a fictious example to explain what I mean. Then I'll tell you why it's important to have a good title and how to fix it if you don't. ...more

and was going to call some attention to it in a future post. Maybe you're already aware of it, ...more