It's a Cinch!

So, from the leftover panel fabric I made a cinch strap. I wasn’t exact on the measurement for these because I didn’t need to be. My fabric length began as 23 inches and my width was 15 inches. I folded the fabric into thirds length wise so that my piece was about 5 inches wide.  ...more

DIY Beach Bag Tutorial

Who's looking forward to going to the beach this summer?...more

Fabric Cowl - Quick Sewing Project

I've been on a sewing kick lately and have been finding more and more great tutorials to build my skills. After a pair of pajama pants that came out great, I couldn't wait to try something else. A quick look at my horde of scarves and cowls was all it took. I can't say no to a decorated neck. ...more

Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

Oh, I wish I could sew. I really do. The idea of making outfits tailored exactly to me, with all my own ideas makes me drool a little bit. ...more
gatheredinthekitchen  I used the snuggle flannel from Joanne's that they usually have on sale. I ...more

The Unruled tank dress

Be A Crafter xDFrom time to time, I find myself into whimsical and unruly stuffs that came from sudden inspiration... and I learnt how to embrace it.This pattern was drafted as a nightgown but I like how it turned out xD...more

More than a classic straight skirt

Be A Crafter xD A straight skirt is just so easy and simple to pair with, it makes you look both neat and never out of style. In fact, straight skirt is the type of bottoms give your legs a bit more length. With just basic sewing skill, drafting a pattern for your own size is not such a task, a classic one is easy peasy anyway. ...more

Not really a one-shoulder top

Be A Crafter xDOne shoulder top or off shoulder top ? Just a simple strap on an asymetrical neckline would make a fresh look!...more

Easy oversized dress

Be A Crafter xDLoose and Oversized style seems always " in". This fashion trend looks ideal for different body figures, it can be both tomboyish and girlie, too....more

Sewing DIY: Super Cute and Easy Nintendo DSXL Case

Origionally posted on thegypsywife.comSewing has become therapeutic for me. So with all the turmoil going on in our life, I thought I would do a little this evening.  I made this decision after a huge storm came through and my roof started leaking. At least I don't own the house! It's the little things ;)I made a little case from my Nintendo 3DSXL. (Animal Crossing edition!! Yea I know how dorky I sound and I don't care. Ha!) Below are the instructions....more