5 (More) Knitting Tips for Beginners

Looks like it’s time for another of these posts. I’ve been knitting since October and I’m having a lot of success with it. I’ve learned a lot since my last 5 Knitting Tips for Beginners post, but I still have a lot to learn (like switching colors–still not there yet. It’s on the list of things to do as soon as I finish this afghan I’m working on)....more

Square Foot Gardening for Beginners

Whoot whoot! I finally have my veggie garden getting up and growing! I might have mentioned already that my husband didn't share my enthusiasm for another try on my wildest projects: growing most of our own produce. He remembers all too well the gazillion times that I took on a veggie garden and then neglected it, even if there was good stuff to harvest. The good thing is that I do almost everything in pots, so it's fairly easy to clean up. And this year I can add to the list... ...more
HUGE fan. Such an efficient way to grow vegetables--I have a community garden plot here in LA, ...more


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Beginners - Movie Review

Do you think you became who you are because of the way your parents purposely raised you? Sure - it is natural to think that. But after watchingBeginners today I now think it is also our observation of our parents as a couple that can also have a profound effect - both good and bad....more

Couch 2 5k- Day 1

Today was my first day running out of my own free will. Strangly enough, I was nervous. You know how it feels when you are leaving on an airplane in the morning and you don't want to miss the flight? You end up waking up in five minute increments throughout the night until you realize you have had no sleep and it's time to get up. I have chosen to run early in the morning before I have to get the kids up for school (at least for the next week until summer vacation). Unfortunately, I dont have anyone to run with here since my husband has to make sure someone is with the kids....more

congratulations on your first run! i started a few years ago and the addiction set in ...more

Social Media Basics: Twitter Terms

This week I'm introducing you to some common Twitter terms. Twitter is pretty popular, but not everyone is well-versed in the lingo and it's a little daunting if you don't know your DM from your RT. As always, I welcome your additional Twitter terms and definitions in the comments on this post. I'll integrate them into the actual post....more

Like Vered "I don't get Twitter." I have a sleeping twitter account because I get lost in all ...more

Defining Basic Blogging Terms, Part 2

This week I'm continuing to define basic blogging terms. My goal is to compile a glossary of key terms that will help new bloggers navigate their way through the blogosphere. Every time I think I've defined all the basic terms, I come up with a few more that have stumped my readers in the past. You can look forward to one more week of blogging terms, then we'll start tackling social media and Twitter terms. ...more

Yep, you can go back and add or delete a tag at will. It won't re-publish the article, therefore ...more