Hoping this will help me keep my sanity!

So this is my first time trying to blog.  I really don't even know much about it.  I'm not computer swavy in the least but I've heard a bit about blogging and figured why not try it. I always used to love to write in a journal so why not try this.  Even if no one ever reads it then I'll save some of my sanity by doing this right?...more
Welcome! It sounds like you have a very full plate!   BlogHer is an amazing community! The best ...more

I have no idea....

Well I really don't know where to even begin, being as I have so many ideas about where I want to take this, my first blog. So, I guess I will just take it day by day.Maybe I should begin with my brief bio, I don't know who will actually read this,  but here goes......more

Comment Spammers... Seriously?!

I agonized for some time about how to title this post. Here are some titles that didn't make it: Party Pooper Comments Friday Jolt of Coffee - How Not to Comment Like a Wet Blanket They just can't be serious Spammy...more

How to Blog (Better): Getting Started

Over the last few months, I've had several calls and emails from people who were interested in starting their own blogs, asking me if I had any tips for someone who was just starting out. On the off-chance some of you out there are toying with the idea of starting your own blog, I thought I'd share my thoughts here. ...more
Great article, I absolutely agree about needing focus when it comes to blogging. I've been a ...more

Are Bloggers Hypocrites When the Comments Start Pouring In?

Well I don't know about other bloggers, but I am sure feeling like one. I've felt the hypocrisy creeping in as my blog grows but my hours in the day do not. The transition into this new stage of blogging is causing me some stress so I thought, why not blog about it? ...more

Thank you Tola. I agree.


The Rambling Thoughts and Words of Nia

by Nia Peeples...more

Let the rambling begin! It's great to see you here.

I like your Random Resources list. Good ...more

Defining Basic Blogging Terms

If you're new to blogging, you may be overwhelmed by the jargon tossed around effortlessly online. I started this article thinking I could define a few key blogging terms that may help beginning bloggers find their footing. What I ended up with was an epically long post that needs to be separated into several categorical posts. As I started defining terms, I realized that it would be easier to have separate posts for blogging terms, social media terms, and Twitter terms (though Twitter is part of social media, it has its own vocabulary that will fill a post). But even my list of blogging terms is too long for a single post, so I'm offering you a partial list this week and I'll be back with more next week. Then we'll tackle social media terms, then Twitter terms. ...more
Hi Melanie! What a great help this is. Thanks for your trouble. I'll be looking at the other ...more


I turned 32 years old yesterday.Yay Me Day! Like it or not, turning a year older is a good time for reflection. This past year was obviously a giNORmous one, with the arrival of a little human being to call our own. Whew. Still wrapping my head around the fact that I'm someone's mother. Bizarre. Five months in, this journey called parenthood continues to leave me amazed and overjoyed. It also leaves me overwhelmed, filled with working-mom guilt and fear of everything from SIDS to burning questions like......more

TypePad Micro: Six Apart's Foray Into Microblogging

So far in our overview of microblogging tools I've introduced you to Tumblr and Denise admitted her addiction to Posterous. Those two tools are the most popular options going, but there is a third option: TypePad Micro....more

Posterous: My New Social Media Addiction

The initial buzz about Posterous didn't do much to inspire me to try it. I didn't have time for the blogs and other social media tools that I was using, why would I try a mini-blogging platform whose most important feature seemed to be blog via email capability. I was trying to find ways to use email less often not more often. I figured Posterous just wasn't a tool I'd use. Yet I found myself drawn back to Posterous, over and over again. Each time, it was the blog via email functionality that I just couldn't wrap my head around. ...more