Be brave like kids, don't behave like kids

“Because I said so” didn’t cut it then and it still won’t now.Is it wrong to compare employees in the workplace with kids?Just recently, I’ve found myself doing that.Over the years, I have seen some childlike behaviour from people at work. Some has made me laugh (like when you laugh at the naughty kid at school) and some has made me really cross! They should know better, I hear myself say....more

Reality is What You Think you Know

If you ever visited The Netherlands, you noticed that biking is not only used for sports but as one of the means of transportation. According to the National Cyclists Federation there are 13,5 million bikes in this country for a total population of 16,9 million inhabitants....more

Changing our Behavior by Changing our Thoughts—Cognitive Behavior Therapy

It is a well-established medical fact that repetitive motion causes injury to the joints, tendons and muscles involved in the movement. Repetitive negative thinking causes injury to our psyche and, ultimately, our overall health, leading to depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, and disorders such as sleep and eating disorders, drug dependence/abuse, and illnesses....more

Why Spanking Isn’t Necessary (And What to Do Instead)

 Rarely in any parenting topic do I absolutely believe something to be right or wrong, even if I don’t follow its tenets. From time-outs, to bed-sharing to helicopter parenting—these are all parenting methods that, while I don’t always follow, acknowledge and respect their functions for each family. Do what works, I would say, just as I would do what works for my family.Spanking, however, is different. I actually believe spanking to be wrong....more

Good manners and social media

"If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." - Said by mothers everywhere, to include Thumper's mom in Bambi.I remember, several years ago (okay, really, it's been decades), my youngest brother and his pal were teasing a kid behind his back. My mom overhead the two, and asked my brother, "How do you feel, knowing you could be the reason someone is crying in their pillow tonight?"How's that for a "make-you-think" moment?...more

5 Easy Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior from Children

Managing the behavior of children can be challenging.  Equip yourself with some go-to strategies to save yourself time, show respect to the child, and encourage positive behavior. How can you solve that problem? ...more