The One the Teacher Warns the Substitute About: I'm That Kid's Mom

By Misty Van Staaveren Back when I was teaching Kindergarten, about ten years ago, I had this adorable little boy in my class. He was very young emotionally and seemed to lack any control over himself. He couldn't keep quiet. He couldn't raise his hand before blurting something out. He couldn't sit in his seat. Instead he'd be mindlessly dancing around the chair while he worked. Every day, he would "move his card" because he had problems with behavior in class. None of it was terrible behavior, but it was disruptive nonetheless. ...more
The idea of kids losing recess for acting out is troubling to me. It seems like that would feed ...more

One Dye at a Time

My 5-year-old son has been on a dye-free diet for almost two years. My 2-year-old daughter? I don’t believe a synthetic food dye has ever touched her pristine lips....more
Think my first comment got eaten, sorry...Anyway I wanted to thank you for posting your story. I ...more