Using Behavioral Targeting Without Losing Customers

Most of us have already experienced being “found” on the Internet. We see advertisements for products we are actually interested in and some of us wonder how the Internet knows? Consumers are being watched by advertising companies. They are watching our every move and putting together formulas to market to an incredibly targeted audience for every kind of product. According to aUS Studyconducted last year, 68% of US consumers find online ads “annoying.” So how do marketers correctly target consumers?...more

Eliminate the Guesswork with Behavioral Targeting for Your Marketing Campaigns

When I open my Facebook profile, the right hand side always has ads that are related to my “Likes”. For example, if I “Like” vitamin B12, ads for vitamins and supplements appear. Along with these ads I also get shown my friends choices and “Likes”. This type of marketing is known as Behavioral Targeting and has already started to sweep the nation....more