A vacation by myself (and to myself)

The commitment I make to my hobbies and interests is pretty lackadaisical, and I like it that way. To me, hobbies and interests shouldn’t involve commitment, goals, or any aspiration of achievement. I read a great piece recently by author Elizabeth Gilbert on the difference between a career, a job, a hobby, and a vocation. (Interestingly, what led me to read it was that I thought it said “vacation,” and was going to be about work/life balance. But it turned out to be even better, since it’s really about the things we do that make life meaningful.)...more

How to Survive Being Alone OR Lonely

I believe most women have experienced these feelings at some point in their life.  For some, more often than others.  Even myself.  You are not alone!  But I understand what you are saying and how you are feeling.  When you are ready to share your life with someone else and want a companion to share it with for whichever goals you have as a relationship, it's very frustrating and upsetting when you cannot find what you want and what you are looking for.  And it seems the MORE you want it, the MORE you can't find it!  And the MORE frustrated and upset you g...more

Are you Willing to be Unhappy, just so you're not Alone?

As friends around you begin to settle down, buy houses and have children, many women find themselves standing at the crossroads of Start Over and He's Good Enough. Having invested so many years into the wrong man, bad boyfriend or all around ugly person they begin to wonder what's worse - starting over as a single women, or stay in a loveless relationship?...more

Letting go and being alone

Yesterday was a really frustrating day for me. My aunt called me early in the morning to say she was going to pick me up because she wanted to load a couch to take to her store and that her and my uncle had a huge fight and he threaten divorce. I felt bad but am not surprised because of the way she treats people. But, for her sake of course I do hope they stay together. Then in the car she was trying to start an argument with me because I did not want to go to her house for memorial day. She said "My feelings are hurt, do you not like my company? I said "It ...more