What Have You Lost in Constantly "Doing"?

In our fast-paced, multi-tasking, on-the-go-deadline driven work, we are often caught up in the act of “Doing.” We move from task to task on our to-do list. We rush from work to class to home. We keep pushing ourselves to do more and do it better....more


 SOFTEN UP.....Some people seem so serious all the time that I simply want to say "SOFTEN UP...." Sometimes allowing our softer side to shine in life can be exactly what we need to do.... DO YOU LIKE ME?I am not sure why everyone is worried about being LIKED….I love being liked but I simply don’t worry about it….If people are smart they will like me….and if they don’t I figure they aren’t very bright……So for those reasons I don’t worry about being liked....more


ARE YOU FRAZZLED? Frazzled is a word that basically means rushed, hurried, worn out, and overwhelmed.......ARE YOU OVERLOADED?  If so considertaking things off your plate of life.....that are non-essential......more

When Gratitude is Hard

I am steering the van towards after-school destination numero deux in project “My Life as a Chauffer.”   A tired Kindergartener rides solo in the backseat, a motley assortment of grocery bags, backpacks and other odds and ends ride shotgun in the passenger side.  And all the while, Veggie Tales blares in the background.  One male, royal-ish character says to his less noble sidekick, “Do you think she’ll like me?”   To which comes the response, “She has to like you…under order of banishment or imprisonment.” ...more

All is fair in love and war

Hey, it is Alex…. ...more

Time flies when you are having fun

I don't know about you, but with the exception of lounging beside a roaring fire, I hate the winter.  I can’t stand the cold weather.  I don't like to have to bundle up. Nor do I like having to wear a coat, hat or gloves.  And the worst part...I think... is the snow.  I can't stand it. Sure, it is pretty to look at, on the first day that is.  After that it gets grimy, dirty and only causes your commute to be that much worse than before.  And this winter, where I live, it has proven to be very snowy already......more

On being busy in all its flavors and colors

One word to encapsulate 2010, that's what today's Reverb prompt is. And all I can think of is busy. Busy busy busy....more