Starting an Affair: Part 2

As I said before, everything I'm telling you is the truth. I will do my best to be honest and upfront as simply as I can. If I get too embarassed I'll tell you.When I realized, I was not quite in control of the situation and, most definitely, my feelings, it was as if a part of me (the logical, analytical part) went behind the scenes to watch, guide and direct....more
By the way, no judgement here. I stumbled upon your blog, looking to relate to someone going ...more


Anger is a big part of my life. There, I said it. I am very very angry. I have feared this feeling for so long and yes, I have denied it the right to exist for many years. Recently, I decided to embrace anger - maybe it can teach me something? Anger is a part of me and I like it....more

A Weekend in Denver and A Little Life Lesson.

Sometimes life hands you lessons on a silver platter, or in my case, sometimes life hands you lessons in a snow-filled, slushy gutter. I spent the weekend in Denver hoping to explore the downtown area, spend a little quality time with my sweetie, and of course find amazing food to eat and photograph....more