The BrightSide of human emotions from a high save dog shelter

Hello and welcome to the first posting of the BrightSide Blog.  This blog is a day-to-day emotional cleansing through the lives of dogs at a local shelter.  This blog is not about dogs nor abuse or for the most part anything negative.  It IS about the human spirit and how we can see the best in humankind through the dogs at local shelter....more

How much are we worth?

In the movie that I am recently watching, a king asked the potential candidates for his future daughter-in-law this very question, how much he was worth. One wise girl answered, “One coin. “ The King was surprised since the rest of the girls’ answers would amount to pretty much an unlimited value. Even one of the girls managed to answer, “As high as the mountain and as deep as the ocean." So, this wise girl explained further, “Nothing is as precious as a single coin to the cold and the hungry. A man of riches knows not the value of a single coin....more

omg day 1

da month--no 1   It's so easy to say "endure"It's another matter entirely to influence another being in the way of endurance...I have no idea what I'm talking about.Transcendence is allegedly the goodies reaped from endurance.wisdom--the fun partfree will --what we thought we were acting under this whole time, but appa...more

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