What Every New Mom Needs

5 months in, and I still have no idea what I am doing.   Each day is a new adventure.  Monday, Baby Jedi is a complete crazy person, crying every waking moment until, quite literally, I try to pull my hair out.  Tuesday, he is a sweetie, taking regular naps and smiling and laughing.  Today, back to the crazies!...more

Helping New Single Moms

Did you know that almost half of babies born every year are born to single moms? These babies are often born to moms who are overwhelmed from the beginning and not getting much sleep. They don’t know what to do, and they feel alone and isolated. As time passes, these women keep doing the same things over and over, barely able to keep their heads above water. They live in survival mode....more

Learning to go with the flow or swing with the pros

Last night at 18.00 the head neonatologist said we'd continue my baby girl on c-pap and a 7 day course of antibiotics. This morning when I checked in with the NICU nurse, the doctor said trial off the c-pap and 5 days of antibiotics. Okay then... ...more

New Moms Need Encouragement More Than Advice

They say nothing can fully prepare you for parenthood. From my experience, that was certainly the case. It wasn’t until I survived labor and delivery and was cradling my first babe that I started to get it. I felt like I had officially been initiated into the mommy club, joining millions of women who had gone before me. It was the most amazing feeling in the world, but it was also one of the most overwhelming. ...more
This is one of the reasons I love our pediatrician.  Always feel like he is a bit of a ...more

Evil Things That I Want To Say To New Mothers

So here’s the thing. I may or may not have written a post about how it’s really not very nice to judge other moms....more

My First "Mother" Day

I was probably not unlike millions of women since time began who were unable to sleep more than a fitful sleep the first night of motherhood. I was used to it; the last trimester my bladder had me getting out of bed about as often. I was now connected to the rest of the world, the universe, and every woman who ever bore a child. ...more

Introducing Me~ My very first blog post!

 Wow! My first blog post. I have been wanting to blog for awhile now and have just never found the time. Who am I kidding? As a new mom (and working full time) I still don't have the time, but every day I feel that life is moving so fast and I want a way to be able to document what is happening in my life. I often wonder if this is how all moms feel or if I am feeling more urgency because I am a working mom? If I could, I would be a Stay-at-Home-Mom in a second. But since that is just not in the cards for us right now, I am doing my best to balance my work and home life....more
I feel ya sister! I have been wanting to start my own blog for a while too... Everyday my mind ...more

Post Partum or am I going crazy?

Quiet the" Drunk Monkey" in your head. (The thoughts that make me who I am) I seem to have this monkey in my head that gets me to think all sorts of crazy thoughts. Somedays I am happy and others I am bored and frustrated. I wonder if the hormones have something to do with it? I promise myself everyday that I am going to stop nusing my baby and get him formula so I can quiet the drunk monkey in my head. But being the super mom that I am,  I challenge myself to hold on until he is a year old....more

Advice for a New Mom

Last weekend, I went to a baby shower in which all the attendees were asked to write and read something special for the new mother - whether it was encouragement, a Bible verse, or a favorite quote. I didn't find out about this until the night before, so my contribution certainly wasn't the most profound thing I have ever written. And then - ugh - I only uttered about eight words during the shower reading before I started blubbering....more

Motherhood Guilt

I look at my daughter and how sweet and innocent she is and I can't help but feel a little guilty. Sometimes I feel guilty that I brought her into this world....more

Your post captured my daily struggle. Just last night I had a tiny glimpse into 'almost pain' ...more