Being Perfect

March 15, "Being Perfect"  Matt. 5:43-48 Mother Benedicta RieppJesus calls us to try to hit the target--and the target is right relationships. We can show respect to people--our politicians, our enemies, people we do not like, we can avoid gender, racial, and homophobic remarks.  Last night 16 year old Sean commented to me that I treated him like any one else no matter how dirty he is, or where we are--that is the way I strive to be perfect--treat every one with mutual respect....more

Being Perfect Is A Good Thing

We sure know how to beat ourselves up if everything we do isn’t perfect. Other people seem to be able to (insert everything you’ve failed at), why can’t I? ...more

"Being Perfect"

Matt. 19:16-22 The rich young man, at the beginning of life sought "perfection". I know of people who spend their lives searching, but never really find God, because their money gets in the way--and they miss that "pearl of great price" right in front of them. Last night I gave some food to a young homeless family in a van--they had no money, no house, yet they had everything, and I have no money, but I have everything--for you see the "perfection" is right in front of us--God is in front of us--we simply have to give up our hold on everything to grasp God. Deo Gratias!...more


This past weekend, as everyone everywhere lauded mothers and grandmothers and stepmothers and den mothers…I was far from forgotten.I got cards and aloe plants and an app for my phone that lets me pretend to run from zombies.My husband was just as sweet and accommodating as he always is on days like that. For some reason it always means so much to me when I get mentioned on his facebook or other public forum. It’s very high school and probably a reflection of some deep seated problem, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy. He knows this. He indulged me....more

The Need to Be a Perfect First Time Mom

I often feel like I need to prove myself as a mom, especially as a first time mom. My guess is many moms have felt that way at one point or another. There are many times when I take comments personally that were probably not intended to be taken as a criticism....more
Oh, and the phrase "Charity begins at home" is not a specifically American one. Please read ...more

Keeping The Balls Juggling In The Air

I had lunch with a close friend yesterday, and we were doing our usual lunch and chat, and chat, and chat. I love her, cuz she’s my no bullshit friend. We cut right to the chase. No small talk. Open hearts on the table, raw emotions. And for yesterday’s session, her feelings were that of many of us women, “I feel like I’m constantly keeping the balls in the air. The juggle never stops. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting.” Calling all jugglers and working moms!!...more