Hibernation Supplies

Oh joy. Rapture. Winter is upon us.(I hope you noticed my lack of exclamation points.)...more

10 Things Every Woman Should Carry

Preparing Your Family for an Emergency Situation

You’re walking through the parking lot of your local grocery store, trying to grab a few things for dinner and head home to your family, when a hurried driver fails to yield at the crosswalk and strikes you with his vehicle. Suddenly, you find yourself in the back of an ambulance, on your way to the hospital with a painful injury to your leg and an aching wound on your head. Are you prepared?...more

Being Prepared So Hard Times Aren't So Hard. . .

Growing up I watched my mom preserve food, frequent case lot sales, and buy essentials (toilet paper, flour, sugar, rice) in bulk.  Joseph and I have begun our journey for a self-sustaining lifestyle and part of that lifestyle is being prepared.  Having a well stocked pantry is very important for those times when unexpected bills come up such as; cars breaking down, medical emergencies, job lay offs, etc.  I've found it's important to know how to cook in hard times too.  Believe it or not it is cheaper to make your own bread rather than buy it....more

At This Point, What's One More Load Of Laundry?

Our little girl is completely outnumbered by her three brothers. She needs a girl’s night out as much as I do. We thought it would be nice for her to have some time with other three year old girls doing something fun and girly. So we signed her up for dance class once a week....more

Like a Boy Scout Only Better

A couple of days before my husband, Marc, and I were going to leave for Utah, we had a problem with our circuit breaker. It tripped, and shut down our sump pumps.  Since we live at the beach, and our house has a basement (why?), if our pumps fail for any period of time, our entire basement will fill up with water.  We must have two pumps running at all times.  Marc, who is extremely handy, and is capable of doing all the plumbing, electrical and other repair work at the house, checked the circuit breaker the day it tripped and fixed it....more