A morning in the life of this SAHM

The kids slept well and late, relatively speaking, but it is so hard to open my eyes. I dreamed wildly last night and am sleepy. My husband, T, is in even worse shape, and his snores quickly resume. I force myself up and see that Jack (7.5 yo) is already dressed; “Sweetie, remember you were going to shower this morning?” (He and T were out late at the Caps game so he skipped bath last night.)“Oh yeah, OK Mom. I already made my bed and ate breakfast though!”...more

A Typical Day as a Stay at Home Mom - told in tweets

Maybe you were curious and followed me on Twitter this past Wednesday using#jenna4aday. The goal was to live tweet an entire day in my life – nothing special, nothing held back. And, well, I did it. It was a fun experiment, but by the time it was over I was sick of tweeting....more

The Math & A Giveaway!

It has been over two months now since we moved from Texas to California.  We keep meeting new people and are slowly sliding into different social groups.  The same questions pop up at many places "What brings you to California?" ; "Do you work or stay at home?"; "Have you bought or are you leasing?"  So on......... I have clear, distinct answers to each.  No, the questions don't make me uncomfortable.  In fact, I'm glad I get to share my perspective on my choices....more

What Do You Do Now That You Stay Home?

What do you do now that you stay home with the baby?  That is the most frustrating question I get asked as a new mom.  My daughter is seven months old now, and that question has been asked more times than I can count since the day she was born.  It is usually asked by women who are mothers....more

I Like Being Domestic and That Is Not a Crime!

I am posting on this topic, because it has been a subject weighing on my mind. When I started this blog I was actually worried about what a couple people would say about the subject matter. They haven't, but none the less I was worried that I would be perceived as "just a housewife".   Why? Well, because of the weird form of feminism that is all too present in our society. We have become so obsessed with making sure women are seen as more than the 50's housewife that we now have put a stigma on homemaking. I agree that feminism is important....more
You are so right.  I chose to be a stay at home mother, substitute teacher and volunteer (with a ...more

Stay at Home Mom - Tired, Stressed and Proud

Why the division?As I went to tag this very post, my options were: SAHM, being a SAHM, failing as a SAHM. Where is the "proud to be a SAHM" tag?I have been a career woman, a working mom, a SAHM, and a WAHM. They ALL were hard and had their challenges for different reasons.To those who like to point fingers at SAHMs, note that most of us feel like we can't do it all and it's frustrating. Guess what...the working moms feel that way as well....more

How Journaling is Going to Make Me a Better Mom

When I was in high school I took a creative writing class and was on the literary magazine staff. I loved writing. I would write short stories, poetry and I maintained a journal. It seemed there was an almost endless flow of words that streamed out of my mind and onto paper. I remember lying awake at night with ideas and phrases racing through my brain until I could get them out on paper....more

Almost Six Months Later and STILL Adjusting...

I love that we have two beautiful daughters. The thing I am not enjoying is that Paisley still has yet to adjust to her baby sister, Pyper. I do not expect miracles, or, for her to be 100% adjusted at the almost six-month-mark. Yet, I am wondering when that "magical" moment will come and she will finally accept that Pyper is here to stay. Sorry kid, no refunds allowed this time!!...more

Loving Our Morning Routine While It Lasts

Snuggled beneath my covers, thinking about the upcoming day and what I hope to accomplish, that is when I usually hear the jingle of a door knob being turned by little fingers. Lately the early morning wake up has been coming from my little boy. (Unless he’s already in my room, sleeping on the floor.) If I’m lucky I can talk him in to some snuggle time. It’s those few precious moments, where I’m holding on to my youngest who is trying to grow up all too fast, that make me smile in the morning....more


I have really awesome news, Crazy Trainees!! Drum roll, please... I am being published by the Scary Mommy herself-- the one and only Jill Smokler-- on her website ScaryMommy.com! Woo Hoo! *lots of giddy happy-dancing going on at my house right now* ...more