No Substitute

I am not a very good sick person.  I don’t like stuffing my pockets full of Kleenex, dosing up on Sudafed, and trying to make it through my day.  But I don’t like the alternative, either.  Hunkering down in the house with a stack of unread newspapers, that novel I’ve been meaning to finish since last summer, lotion-infused tissues, a remote control and satellite TV isn’t what I’d exactly call my dream day off.  ...more

New Blog Site + More

It is 1:53 AM and here I sit in my chair typing a blog post.  You ask, "Why Jill, are you sitting in your chair typing a blog post at 1:53 AM."  I'll tell you why, because I am sick.  I have a cold, yet again.  I just had one a couple of months ago.  This one is a bit different, I can't breathe when I lay down and I can't make it better.  I'm exhausted, "Oh and Mr....more

The Big Thaw

I was going to copy and paste the entire blog post but hey, come on by my blog, Jill of All Trades and read about it.  I could use the traffic and COMMENTS! ...more

Surrenderstan: A Week in Enemy Territory

by Shelley SingerI find myself today in a foreign land, a threatening land, a land of anxiety and of disorientation, a place where I must relinquish control, a place I will call “Surrenderstan.” It is not in an exotic location. You can get there by touching the handle of a grocery cart, by sitting next to the wrong person on the subway, by going to the theater or to a ballgame. I got here via the flu, to whose control I was forced to submit, kicking and screaming all the way....more