Who's wrong, really?

Today I face a dilemma. Some of the lawyers, including the one I'm the secretary for, is going to have a conference call with about half-dozen people from all over the globe - proverbially, thank heavens. Unfortunately, said people has grammar as good as a watermelon. This being a law office, said situation is ripe with possible misunderstandings et. al.At the previous conference call, a former Jr. Associate did something smart: He recorded the teleconference using his laptop. Unfortunately, said associate has resigned from this firm. Along with his laptop. ...more

It's Girl Friday! (Or What it Means to be an Administrative Assistant)

I came across this interesting tribute to the American secretary this morning on Huffington Post that basically gave the history as to how the Administrative Assistant became known as an Assistant and not a Secretary, not a Girl Friday, and not an Office Wife. ...more