on feeling defeat

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of this post right now. But instead of focusing on the details-what I want to put out there and what I choose to bury deep, I am going to go broad.Defeat. Powerlessness. Anguish.These come up in our everyday lives in certain levels of minuscule and magnitude. It's easy to find them. Try hopping in line at the grocery store....more

Mom's Garden of Roses

            Our first house was literally the smallest house on the block. It consisted of only two bedrooms and one bathroom, all for a house full of kids. We did not have a big front yard.  It was a porch with steps and a long hedge made of stone, that stood about six inches tall and surrounded the whole front of the house .In this area stood two lifeless rose trees. The rose trees showed not an ounce of life....more
@KarenLynnn I also have back problems, but I am hoping to do at least some gardening. I really ...more

The Pledge Not to Obsess

The flavor of the week is the shape of my body.  It's like a favorite song played repeatedly until the grooves blur into one another, until the words, I can recite like the Pledge of Allegiance.    I pledge … Not to obsess about the real estate allocation around my body,  Not to turn sideways when I walk past the floor length mirror in route to the closet,  Not to hold my breath ...more