H Is for Heart

As difficult as it is to define what having a Heart MEANS—it is fairly easy to discern when someone is missing one. “Heart” as a metaphor has come to stand for all that is most human and flexible in us, with natural potential to connect instantly with other “people of Heart.”As Mark Twain said, “When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.” But we also need our brains—to sort out issues, and to contemplate....more
I'm back on BlogHer. I looks like you have been away from it for a while, too. I will be doing ...more

Nurturing My Now...Step by Step

This is the first in a series "Being True To You" for Tuesday Okay. Here it is. I'm on the edge of my seat blogging from a place of conflict: On one hand I'm experiencing utter frustration with myself which accusingly ruminates: "You're such an idiot. You know better than this. You're so completely weak. There ya go being indecisive, yet again. When are you gonna matter to you? When are you going to become number one to you and commit to your life for cryin out loud?"...more