It's Not Easy Being Green

I’m slowly destroying a world that has done me no ill.  Even though being the worst eco role model of all time ensures my daughter will legally change her name to Chlorophyll Moonshine in between bouts of chaining her unshaven legs to towering trees, I just can’t stop myself....more

The Story of Cosmetics: What Carcinogens Lurk in Your Shampoo?

Baby shampoo with formaldehyde, lipstick laced with lead -- consumer products we find in the beauty and personal care aisles everyday -- then buy, take home and use, unaware of the risks to our long-term health. ...more

I agree Herbal Essences definitely induces eeks! That stuff is anything but herbal! :P


Do It Gorgeously: An Interview with Sophie Uliano

Can living green make you look gorgeous? Ask Gorgeously Green author Sophie Uliano, and she'll say yes -- and you'll save green too. The trim and energetic 45-year-old environmentalist is out with a new book -- Do It Gorgeously: How to Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, and More Beautiful Products -- a can-do girly guide to green DIY tips that'll save you money and make you more self-sufficient -- all while looking good and doing good for the planet. ...more

I actually am really interested in the book after reading this post. I like that she gives the ...more