Stress is harmful to your health. Diva, heal thyself!

I’m reading a book called “The Love Response” by Dr. Eva Selhub. The book is very revealing about the health effects of stress on our bodies. She outlines how most people are living in what she calls, “The Fear Response” mode. This is when you put your body into heightened awareness, which causes cortisol and adrenalin to be delivered to all of your cells and organs....more

Healthy Eating-What's In My Pantry

Since I've been exercising and running more, I'm beginning to appreciate the importance of refueling my body, the right way.  For the most part, I've never been a junk food junkie, but I'm learning even more better ways to eat healthier. I've never been a big breakfast usually involved just grabbing a granola bar and that's it.  But, one thing I'm learning is that breakfast is truly an important refueling time, if not the most important....more

Thanks so much! I'll definitely check out it out!more

Like It Or Lump It: Discussing Your Life on the Internet

I was 17 when I first opened up about the various issues going on in my life in a public forum.  I remember getting some hateful comments, but the majority of people were supportive.  Fast forward almost 10 years, and it almost seems like the tables have turned.  As our lives are shared more and more, outsiders begin to feel the need to critique the goings on in our lives.  By having blogs, twitter accounts, etc., we do technically open ourselves up to the criticism.  We don't, however, open ourselves up to hateful remarks, ignorance, etc....more

I love what you have to say here. I tend to take the same approach to people who leave ...more

My Life as a (Sort of) Gainer: Are Gainer Blogs Unhealthy, or About Body Image?

Recently someone sent me a link to an article about "gainer blogs" -- blogs by people who purposely try to gain weight. I find gainer blogs fascinating, because I spent the better part of ten years trying to gain weight and it was one of the hardest things that I've done. ...more

Firstly, I'd like to be the 700,000th person to be grateful for finding this site. This is the ...more