Finally My Answer Part 2

The next day, Monday, he says he will come over that night. When I call him after work and he says he will leave in a couple of hours to head toward my place. As the time passes, I text him to find out when he will be over….and he never arrives. The next day comes, and he says he misses me and wants to see me, so he is definitely coming over. He never does....more

Believe It or Not …

I recalled it was in the winter and my father had just passed away. It was kind of a hazy morning. As usual I was running late that morning. Someone was with me but somehow I couldn’t seem to visualize her face clearly. And she was waiting for me as we were supposed to catch a bus to take us somewhere. Somewhere that was promised by this old man. As we were running to the bus stop, the bus just left without us....more
 @HomeRearedChef Poor Virginia! You are stuck with him. Tho I won't call you 'Poor' since he is ...more